We are professional cabinet painters and refinishers as well.  We can work in place or offer to remove the cabinets from your home. If we work in your house or business, we will create a safe enclosure in the work area. This is an efficient and cleaner process that  can prevent any possible damage during transportation, but we can also remove all cabinets and carefully transport to our paint shop, if this is our Customers’ preference. Either way, you get  the absolute best results possible, what’s not to love?

Here’s how we paint your cabinets:

  • Appliances, countertops, and floors are taped, masked, and plastic-covered for their protection.
  • Then, we thoroughly clean your cabinets with environmentally friendly cleaners. This removes all grease, waxes, and any other buildup.
  • Your cabinets are then sanded down to fill in gaps and repair damaged areas.
  • We will use a shellac primer alkyd finish paint. We use the best paint products and seal everything to prevent odors and allows you to stay in your home while we work.
  • We paint custom cabinets too. Different colors, different sheens, different finish, oil base, water base, lacquer base, metallic and more. Your imagination is the limit. All you have to do is tell us what you want done and we will do it for you!